President’s Message

Marek Brzezinski, MD, PhD

Dear Members,

The past few years have presented us with significant challenges as we navigated the complexities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The heart of SAGA, embodied in vibrant in-person meetings, faced disruption, and the repercussions linger. The reintroduction of in-person annual meetings emerged as a vital step to reconnect and revitalize the SAGA membership.

I am pleased to share that the last 12 months have witnessed significant success with the establishment of a new and dynamic SAGA website. This development positions us strongly to confront future challenges. Additionally, the well-attended 2023 annual meeting in San Francisco provided an excellent opportunity to reengage and showcase the diverse offerings of SAGA. The key focuses of the 2023 meeting included:

  • International Outreach: A well-received session on the “Current State of Geriatric Anesthesia Care and Research Outside the US” initiated discussions on expanding international cooperation to disseminate knowledge and skills crucial for academic success.
  • Educational Approaches to Promote the Geriatric Mission: An interactive session by John Mitchell MD, the current president of the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA), highlighted efficient educational approaches to support our mission.
  • Research and Mentorship: The initiative to establish the SAGA-Research Academy underscored our dedication to nurturing research and mentorship within our community.

With the election of Sheila M Ryan-Barnett as the Secretary, Itay Bentov as Treasurer, and Jinlei Li, Ruth E. Burstrom, Ruben Azocar, and Daniel McIsaac as Board members, we have welcomed amazing individuals with international expertise to contribute to our collective vision.

SAGA has introduced numerous academic opportunities for our members, irrespective of seniority or area of interest. These avenues include participation in the visiting professor lectures program, the creation of educational tools, engagement as mentors, and contributions to regular publications on the Website or via the SAGA Newsletter. We will keep you regularly updated on the specifics of these opportunities.

As we embark on 2024 with renewed energy and enthusiasm, the future appears promising for SAGA!

Best Regards and thank you for being part of this vital journey,


Marek Brzezinski, MD PhD
Professor, University of California San Francisco
President, Society for the Advancement of Geriatric Anesthesia