Global Outreach

Geriatric Anesthesia Care outside the US and Western Europe


In the context of an increasingly diverse and inclusive world, addressing racial and cultural disparities and discrimination in medical care has become crucial. However, the predominant focus on geriatric clinical care and research in the US and Western Europe raises concerns, especially considering the vastly different challenges faced by the geriatric population in developing nations. With approximately 75% of the world’s population residing in developing countries, there is an imperative need to broaden the scope of clinical recommendations and research beyond the myopic focus on “US and Western problems.” Recognizing the political, economic, and environmental hardships faced by developing nations, it is essential to acknowledge that many individuals from these regions may consider seeking medical treatment in the US and Western countries.

In response to these challenges, SAGA has initiated a global outreach program, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of geriatric anesthesia care and shed light on the most urgent issues requiring attention in developing countries. 

The first step in this initiative was the session during the 2023 Annual Meeting, entitled, “Current State of Geriatric Anesthesia Care and Research Outside the US: Challenges, Solutions, and Potential Opportunities.” The session featured three presentations on geriatric anesthesia:

·      Geriatric Anesthesia in Vietnam. Nguyen Viet Nghia, MD, National Lung Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam

·      Geriatric Anesthesia in India. J. Balavenkatsubramanian, MD, Ganga Medical Centre & Hospital, Coimbatore, India

·      Geriatric Anesthesia in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Al Harbi MD, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These presentations were well-received, sparking a discussion around the need to grow international cooperation. The consensus emerging from this dialogue strongly supports:

·      Expansion of Collaborations: This involves mentorship programs, speakerships, and the development of educational materials aimed at fostering collaborative efforts between SAGA and international partners.

·      Growth of International SAGA Membership: Encouraging professionals from diverse geographical locations to become members of SAGA, ensuring a global representation that enriches the collective expertise.

The overarching goal of these initiatives is to disseminate knowledge and skills essential for academic success, establish wide-ranging collaborations, and provide support to international researchers, educators, and clinicians in developing countries. The successful session on global outreach has set the stage for ongoing efforts to bridge gaps, promote inclusivity, and address geriatric anesthesia concerns on a global scale.

If you would like to participate and support this effort, regardless of where you live and practice, please feel free to reach out to us at Your involvement is vital in shaping a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to geriatric anesthesia care worldwide.