About SAGA

The Society for the Advancement of Geriatric Anesthesia (SAGA) is a nonpolitical, not-for-profit medical society established in 2001. It is dedicated to advancing and supporting scientific research, education, and clinical excellence in the field of geriatric anesthesia, aiming to enhance the care provided to older patients. SAGA actively contributes to geriatric anesthesia research through funding, promotes a strong educational mission, and serves as a platform for leaders in this field to exchange valuable information and ideas. SAGA sustains a global membership comprising physicians, health professionals engaged in geriatric anesthesia-related practices, as well as physician residents and trainees.



The SAGA mission is to encourage, stimulate, and improve all aspects of the anesthetic care of geriatric patients, to fund research, and to disseminate current, state-of-the-art, basic and clinical research data in all areas of geriatric anesthesia, including perioperative medicine, critical care, and pain management, as well as to participate in the development of guidelines for residency education in geriatric anesthesiology. SAGA focuses solely on the advancement and support of scientific research, clinical care, and education related to geriatric anesthesiology.



Empowering the future of geriatric anesthesia, SAGA envisions a world where every older patient receives unparalleled care through continuous advancements in scientific research, cutting-edge clinical practices, and comprehensive education. We strive to be the beacon of excellence, fostering a global community that collaborates, innovates, and sets the highest standards in geriatric anesthesiology, ultimately enhancing the well-being of our aging population.